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Best U Shaped Body Pillow
best u shaped body pillow

Best U-Shaped Body Pillow

Full Body Supported Best U-Shaped Body Pillow

Are you pregnant and suffering from back pain? Does it keep you awake at night? Do you feel a lack of support for your tummy?

You may also feel discomfort while watching TV, reading books or working on your laptop. Then you need to replace your regular pillow today and buy the best U shaped body pillow.

“Queen Rose Maternity Pillow” is the necessity of an upcoming mom. This is totally a price worthy investment for pregnant women. Its U shape makes it easy to get comfortable while relaxing.

This U Shaped Maternity Pillow can mold itself to the shape of your body. So it can provide a great support to your body including back and legs. You can place it in a different position as per your requirement.

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many transformations. U shaped pregnancy pillow is designed specially to give support and comfort to expectant mothers for these changes.

A Quick View of “Queen Rose Maternity Pillow”

Product Dimensions55 x 31 x 7.8 inches
Item Weight7.5 pounds
ManufacturerQueen Rose
SpecialtyFlexible, adjustable with body shape, great support for both front and back
Ease of washingMachine washable
Zipper2 zipper, one outer cover zipper, another one is for inner Polyester filling case
Return and Refund Policy90 days
Amazon Rating4.4 out of 5

How A Pregnancy Pillow Can Help You?

Usually, after 20 weeks of pregnancy, a woman’s baby bump starts growing around. It may cause round ligament pain and other body pains. She may face problems in her daily chores. Taking a nap or reading her favorite novel, nothing can soothe her mood.    

This is the time when her back and neck need some extra support.

Therefore, you feel the requirement of a pregnancy pillow. It will give full support to your neck, shoulders, hips, back, and legs. 

Also, at maternity period doctors usually recommended side sleeping. But it’s hard for a pregnant woman to adjust her bump while sleeping or sitting for some purpose. It interrupts their relaxation which is threatening for both mom and kid.

In that case, the best U shaped body pillow allows them to release the pressure of the body. It also reduces the tossing and turning.

Moreover, this giant full body pillow helps the women to sleep as doctor recommended position. This will reduce swelling legs and improve blood circulation.

In order to your growing baby bump, increasing weight, expanding hips may disturb your resting period. But, do you know the right choice of maternity pillow can solve all these pregnancy errors?

This pregnancy pillow review will help you to choose the best U-shaped body pillow and use it in effective ways of getting a relaxed maternity period.

“Queen Rose Maternity Pillow”-best u shaped maternity pillow for women:

This versatile pillow consists of Polyester filling with 100% velvet cover. It is long lasting and flexible. You can use it for a long time without losing the fluffiness. 

Moreover, the unique bionic polyethylene ensures the comfort for side sleeping. Also, it is long enough to support your neck and back in the right proportion to reduce sciatica, heartburn and lower back pain.

Especially, at your 3rd trimester, it can work as a painkiller. It will relieve you from all kind of discomfort such as body pain, backache, sore ribs, and hip, leg cramp etc. Its long arms are also flexible enough. It can be a great support to your hands while reading books, operating laptop or sewing for your junior.

The Queen Rose Body Pillow can match the natural contour and shape of your body from top to toe. That is the reason, it is adjustable with different position of your body and also give full support. Even, you need not to rearrange it when rollover in the bed. It aligns the neck, spine, and hips when lying on the bed.

Isn’t It Sound Amazing!

Its soft premium velvet pillowcase is dust resistant and machine washable. This pillow cover has a double zipper for easy removal and washing. It is free from all kind of harmful material. So, no risk for itching as skin becomes more sensitive at pregnancy period.

Polyester filling is encased by an inner cover which also has a zipper on it. You can add or remove the filling to get your desired thickness. 

The refund policy is available for this amazing u shaped pregnancy pillow. You can exchange it if you are not satisfied with the product or find any disquiet within 90 days.

Why Queen Rose Is Beneficial For Pregnant Woman:

Super adjustable: This single pillow can support multiple areas of the body at a time. It gives total support to expected mothers. 

Unique design: This “U” shape is specially designed for pregnant women who need extra support for their bump. 

Multipurpose: To be moms can use this U shaped pillow for the proper alignment of their body while watching TV, reading books, relaxing or taking nap.

Provide head support: Queen Rose Maternity pillow has a wider space at the top for keeping your head.

Pain relief: It reduces muscle pain and keeps the correct position of the body from top to toe. So, you can get relief from the pregnancy worries easily. 

Super Comfy: This pregnancy pillow reduces leg sore and gives total support to your body at night. A proper relaxation keeps your mood happy and improves blood circulation.

Price Worthy: This versatile pillow can take place of buying and using multiple pillows. Also as a body pillow, it comes at affordable price.

Need To Know Before Buy:

  • It doesn’t get hot but it is not a cooling pillow
  • Correct size 55.1″×31.5″×7.8″. This is an ideal size for any couple bed. So, it will leave adequate space for your mate.
  • You will get the package in a vacuum sealed bag. So, you need to shake it little to get the original fluffy shape.
  • Machine washable, but air drying only. Excessive heat can shrink it.


  • Unique interior design can match your body shape easily.
  • Flexible for use in different positions.
  • Reduce muscle ache and increase blood circulation.
  • Best body pillow for back pain
  • Ensure extra comfort for expected moms
  • Also can be used after pregnancy
  • The adjustable filling can be added or removed as per the requirement.
  • Removable outer cover and machine washable
  • Pretty Affordable price


  • Large in size, may disturb your partner sometimes
  • Zipping the pillowcase back up maybe a little bit difficult

Top Best U Shaped Body Pillow

Final Thoughts

During Pregnancy, a woman’s body is working hard to adopt all the new bodily changes. You need to sleep longer than before. Your body demands more comfort and relaxation time during this period.

The best U Shaped Body Pillow– Queen Rose, does not allow your physical changes to interfere in your comfort. This is the only pillow you need in bed. It supposed to give full support to your head, neck, the back, and tummy. It is movable between the knees due to its curved interior.

In a word, with this Queen Rose pillow, you will feel like a QUEEN and get the supreme comfort.

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