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best pillow for headaches
best pillow for headaches

The Best Pillow for Headaches in 2019

Tri-Core Standard Firm Support-Best Pillow for Headaches

Do you often wake up with a bad headache or stiffness in the morning? Are you aware of your sleeping position? Your sleeping position can be the reason for your bad morning.

However, a proper sleeping position keeps your head in natural alignment with your spine. The right texture of mattress and good support of pillow is necessary for a comfortable sleep.

Therefore, you have to be more careful in choosing your sleeping mattress and pillow. Small research can lead you to choose the best pillow for headaches.

When the nerves of the upper neck are irritated, it may cause bad migraine pain. A good pillow minimizes any nerve irritation, keep the proper align of spin and relieve neck pain.

“Tri-Core Standard Firm Support Full-Size Pillow” keeps the vertebrae in its right position and the alignment between neck and spine. It can also release some of the pressure across your shoulders and neck so that you can get a night of healthy sleep.

Brief Overview of “Full SizeTri-Core Standard Pillow”:

Product Dimensions24 x 16 x 3 inches
Item Weight1.2 pounds
ManufacturerCore Product
Made inUSA
Shapetrapezoid-shaped with side lobs
CoverBlended cotton cover
Available size3 (Standard, midsize, petite)
SpecialtyHaving orthopedic benefits, align spine with the neck
RelieverNeck pain and headache
Comfort PositionAll (Back, Stomach & Side)
Ease of washingWash by hands

How My Pillow Can Reduce My Headache?

A headache is one of the most common health problems worldwide. An aching head is enough to ruin your day. Almost 4% of adult people are affected by this for 15 or more days in a month.

Undoubtedly, your sleeping posture is the main culprit, if you wake up with a bad headache every day.

But it’s just a pillow!

No, it’s not that much simple in other sense. Your pillow synchronizes your spine, sleeping position and nerve pressure.

While sleeping, you may not be in one position. You may sleep on your back or stomach or your side. Each position requires a correct angle of support for the head and neck. An awkward angle of your head may cause irritation in the nerves of the upper neck.

As a result of the next morning, you will wake up with a bad headache

Special design of the best pillow for headaches can keep the correct alignment of head, neck, and spine. A soft pillow cannot provide enough support for the head and neck.

On the other hand, hard pillows can cause another discomfort due to misaligning the head, neck, and spine. You can control the headache triggers and minimize them by selecting the suitable pillow. The proper thickness of the pillow according to your sleeping position is important.

Standard Firm Support Tri-Core Pillow Full Size

This tri-core long-lasting fiber support pillow can reduce the neck pain and support the head, align with neck and spine in its natural contour.

The standard Tri-Core has two different width neck rolls, top, and bottom with a trapezoid-shaped center. This center is designed especially for back sleeping by holding the head in the right proportion. It allows the neck roll to lessen the pressure of upper neck nerves.

A little bit high but comfortable and firm side lobs keep the alignment of the spine in its natural position during side sleeping.

The orthopedic benefits of Tri-core pillow make it one of the best-selling item of Core Products.

Many spinal injuries and nerve malfunction can be cured by using Tri-Core pillows as it maintains the proper in the line of the head with neck and spine.

More importantly, it has two different width neck rolls for large neck support and smaller neck support. You will get three size options for this cervical pillow.

  • Standard Size – 24"x16" (61cm x 41cm) Standard size is firm and gentle. It is appropriate for most adults.
  • Midsize – 22x15" (56cm x 38cm) Midsize is perfect for smaller framed adults.
  • Petite – 19x12" (48cm x 38cm) Teenagers and children usually like the petite one.

You can also choose the firmness between standard and gentle support. The standard one contains more fiber than the gentle one. That reduces the thickness of gentle support. You can choose the right one based on your comfort.

The outer cotton cover is smooth and breathable. It allows only hand washing and drying. Firstly, soak in warm water using a mild detergent. Gently swish the cover through the water until it is clean. Drain the soapy water and rinse in clear water. Press out excess water and drip dry flat.

What is the specialty of Tri-core Cervical Pillow?

Best Tri-Core Pillow: Made in the USA, manufactured by Core Products. This pillow is one of their best selling products and highly reviewed.

Unique design: This unique design consists of two different width neck rolls for different sized sleepers, trapezoid-shaped center, and slightly high side lobs. It’s a perfect combination for all type of sleepers.

Orthopedic Benefits: This Tri-core pillow gives support to the head and correctly aligns the spine. It helps to reduce neck pain, nerve malfunction, and many internal injuries.

Pain reliever: People who are suffering from neck pain headaches can replace their pillow with this cervical pillow. It will take proper care of your sensitive nerves and relieve you from aching head and neck.

Better Sleep at Night: This pillow keeps the nerves of upper neck relaxed by keeping the spine in its natural contour. It maximizes your comfort, by supporting the normal curving of the neck and spine. As a result, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed.


  • Having orthopedic benefits
  • Correctly align the head with neck and spine
  • Help to relieve from neck pain and headache
  • Suitable for all types of sleeping positions- back, stomach or side sleeping
  • Restores nerve function and quick recovery of injuries.
  • Individual size and firmness options for users


  • Wash by hands only
  • Non-prominent built-in Smell of the material like engine oil

Top best pillow for headaches

Final Thoughts:

Aching head or neck is always an obstacle to your daily works. Some healthy practice can easily solve this issue. A night of sound sleep is vital to start fresh.

Therefore, grab the best pillow for headaches to improve your nights and remove all stiffness. This“Cervical Pillow” can be your trusted companion to calm the nerve and align the body parts. 

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