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best pillow for baby flat head
best pillow for baby flat head

The Best Pillow For Baby Flat Head in 2019


Do you aware of the best care of your baby? Have you ever heard about the flat head syndrome? In medical term, it is called ‘Positional Plagiocephaly’. The best pillow for baby flat head can be a smart solution to your problem.

However, leaving your baby on the cradle for sleeping all the day is not great. Sleeping on the plane surface often causes the flat head syndrome. This flat spot develops when a lot of pressure is employed in a particular area of the head.

Luckily! Nothing Much To Worry About.

Flathead syndrome does not affect your baby’s brain or any disorder to his/her body. Naturally, the state becomes normal within a few days. In some cases, the babies have to wear an uncomfortable helmet for a couple of months. The helmet is very expensive as well.

Therefore, child specialists often suggest a specialized sleeping position baby pillow to prevent flat head. A proper understanding of this sensitive issue will help new parents to select the best pillow for baby flat head.

How the Pillow for Baby Flat Head Can Help You:

Baby flat head pillow ensures the proper movement of the head in a comfortable way that helps natural breathing as well.

Therefore, baby head pillow to prevent flat head have a special design like mimos flat head baby pillow. You can find a lot of reason to buy a flat head pillow than the best toddler pillow.

Easy Breathing and Harmless

Baby flat head pillow keeps your baby in the correct laying position. So he can breathe comfortably.

This type of pillow usually contains memory foam or organic cotton. Organic cotton assures safety from allergy and comfortable.

Most of baby flat head pillow have TUV certificate for the cushion and made of 3D fabric. The fabric mesh retains up to 94% air and gives comfort to your baby. It indicates the cushions will secure your baby from suffocation.

Head Pressure Redeployment

A major cause for the flat head syndrome is improper pressure deployment. The baby of the only couple of weeks lies on a flat surface without regular movement. Single position cannot deploy the majority of pressure.

The best pillow for baby flat head assures the redeployment of skull pressure to all sides.

Complete Movement of Head

The best baby flat head pillow has a distinct opening which allows the baby to move his head. This also prevents the head from contacting with the flat surface. The fabric is also very soft and comfy.

To prevent SIDS, specialists suggest laying the baby on the back while sleeping. This often leads to a flat head. A flat head baby pillow can assure you to form the shape of your baby’s head appropriately.

Besides, best baby flat head pillow assures the prevention of torticollis.

Quick View of ‘WelLife Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable’:


Product Dimension11.8 x 1.1 x 7.8 inches
Weight9 Ounce
ColorBambi Pink
CoverMade of 3D Mesh Fabric
Removable and Washable Made in USA
Filling Material100% Organic Cotton bonded in Sponge
Making Process100% handmade from Korea
CertificateGOTS and OE100
Allergic Issues100% Hypoallergic
GuaranteeReturn and Refund facilities

Things to consider while choosing the Best Pillow for Baby:

There are a few essential elements, you’ve to look at while selecting the baby flat head pillow.


A different manufacturer uses different materials. Often you get memory foam and organic cotton. Organic foam is the best material for a baby pillow because they are 100% hypo allergic. Despite the available option, you have to ensure the right material which is suitable for your baby.


Harmless is the major point which should impact your selection of the best flat head syndrome pillow. There are some chemicals that may affect your baby’s health.

Not all the natural fabrics are harmless. Therefore, before purchase, make sure from the certificate that the constituents are safe.

Degree of Softness:

The best baby flat head pillow must be soft for your baby’s comfort. Some short of softness like the best toddler pillow might not be helpful for infant flat head.

Again, baby cries when the pillow is too hard and uncomfortable. Therefore, you have to choose the correct pillow which is comfortable and effective for baby flat head prevention.

Durability and Cleaning:

The best pillow for baby flat head lasts longer. However, all of the flat head pillows are not equal. You have to take proper care of this issue as your baby sleep 16-18 hours a day.

Ease of wash is another important concern!

Keep your baby neat and clean should be your one of the major concern. Your baby can spit and the diaper may leak. Thus, the baby head pillow should be washable.

Product ImageProduct NameProduct FeatureRatingMore Details
Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable 3D Air Mesh Organic Cotton*Measures approximately Width 13 X Height 9 inches
4.3Check Details
Newborn Baby Pillow, Memory Foam Cushion for Flat Head Syndrome Prevention and Head Support*Measuring 8.7 × 8.3 x 1.18 inches
5Check Details
Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow - Cloud Lamb* Super Soft ECO-Friendly 100% Natural Organic Cotton
* Design to support the baby head & Prevent flat head syndrome
4.2Check Details
Baby Pillow Memory Foam - Protection for Flat Head Syndrome Breathable Newborn Anti Roll Pillows*PRODUCT SIZE: 17.71'' L × 10.43'' W × 1.38'' H
Check Details
Babymoon Pod 2-in-1 Infant Pillow to Help Prevent Flat Head Syndrome-Neck Support for Babies/Toddlers (Baby Blue)*to help develop a round head shape.
4.0Check Details
Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow - Washable, Neck Support for Infant Preventing Flat Head Syndrome*Made of 100% natural cotton
4.4Check Details
Babymoov Lovenest | Patented Pillow For Baby and Infant Head Support & Flat Head Syndrome Prevention*ULTIMATE ERGONOMIC HEAD AND NECK SUPPORT
3.8Check Details
Baby Head Shaping Pillow + Bamboo Swaddly Blanket*HELPS BABY SLEEP LONGER IN A PROPER POSITION
4.6Check Details
Baby Pillow Head Shaping Protects Head from Flattening - Infant Head Shaping - Star Pattern, 3D Air Mesh, Breathable, Organic Cotton, Travel Friendly.*100% Organic Cotton Front Cover
*Simple & Easy Care
4.7Check Details
Newborn Baby Head Shaping Pillow | Memory Foam Cushion for Head Support & Flat Head Syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly) Prevention | Bamboo Pillowcase Included*Specially designed with baby’s comfort in mind, bamboo pillowcase included
*Best baby shower gift idea – Plus our 100% money back guarantee
4.1Check Details

WelLife Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable – baby pillow to prevent flat head Syndrome:

If your baby has a flat head syndrome, you can think about this Baby Pillow from WelLife. Well-designed concave center, 3D air mesh fabric cover from the USA and Korean Handmade pillow have made it the best flat head syndrome pillow.

Important Feature of Baby Flat Head Pillow

  • 3D-air mesh construction can trap a large amount of air. Therefore, your baby can get the ultimate luxury and 180-degree easy movement.
  • No matter the season, this dry pillow is suitable for both summer and winter.
  • Concave Center: Prevent Flathead Syndrome and remove the flat spot.
  • Have GOTS and OE100 certificate for the materials. The organic cotton is from the firms where there is sustainable firming practice.
  • No use of toxic fertilizer to produce the cotton.
  • 100% Hypoallergic: Use certified organic cotton fabric only. So this is non-allergic and non-suffocative.
  • The flat head pillow is made with hygienic material to prevent the microbial growth.
  • Handmade things are more valuable. The experts make the best baby flat head pillow has over 20 years’ experience.


  • 3D air mesh construction with organic cotton (Cloud 9)
  • Certificate of 100% hygienic
  • 100% Hypo allergic
  • 13 × 9 inch, perfect for any baby flat head
  • Suitable for all type of strollers


  • Not good for using in car seat
  • Not suitable for regular wash otherwise shape may deform

Final Thoughts

‘WelLife Baby Pillow for Newborn Breathable’ is designed specially to cure Plagiocephaly. It can help to remove the flat spot of your baby’s head. These pillows can reshape the skull and release pressure of the head and neck muscle.

This is a very popular product and you can get the best pillow for a baby flat head at an affordable price.

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